Monday, May 9, 2011

New week and new diet!

I have tried so many times to stick with the ABC diet and I just can't control my cravings and end up eating way more then I should. This weekend was a bust didn't work out for 3 days and ate way to much. I did loose a lb though during this so I guess that's good.

So today I started the Skinny Girl Diet pretty much the same concept of the ABC by changing your calorie intake everyday. The only good thing is I noticed they usually don't go below 300 calories and I can go as high as 750 calories on some days. Then only one day of fasting much easier for me and then nobody should wonder why I am not eating or eating much.

My stats as of today 5.9.11
Current Weight: 137lbs
1st Goal Weight: 132lbs
2nd Goal Weight: 126lbs
3rd Goal Weight: 120lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight: 110lbs (by July 1st)

I also plan on working out 5 days a week, 2 days during Zumba and weights, 1 day doing a Step Class and weights. Then the other 2 days would be regular old workout 45 mins on the treadmill and light weights. I will keep a strict journal of everything I eat/drink and my workout times and calories burned.

I figured that a way to keep me on track and reward myself is finally finish my arm tattoo. I started the outline months ago. This should be a good way for me to keep on track and loose the weight!

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