Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day number 3 on ABC

I have tried so hard at this diet a few times, well I am back on it and actually going strong! I have not given into the cravings and eat way to much. I know only day 3 but hey that's a big step for me. I have been working out also! I started on this diet at 140lbs now down to 137.5lbs, I think some of it had to do with water and then my period started so of course I was a little bloated.

I finished up both 500 day with less then 500 and burning more then 300 through workouts, today is a 300 day and only had 180 calories so far. I am doing Zumba again tonight to burn about 300 calories and plan on hitting the elpitical or treadmill for 30 mins after class. Just to get a little extra cardio in then some weights. I do not plan on doing the fasting days because I need to eat, I may fast during the day and eat a very low calorie dinner so nobody asks.


  1. They say after the "3 day slump" you're good to go :) Congrats on your weight loss!! And just to throw it out there, fasting is an amazing experience - you should try it some time, if not on the ABC :)

  2. I always wondered if I could even handle it. Do you do water/tea? or nothing at all? I have thought about it many times and wondered if it would still work for me if I do water/tea.