Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3rd day on ABC

Well I started off thinking how in the world am I going to survive on only 300 calories today. I usually do 300 per meal and 3 meals a day. Well I made it and did go over about 60 some odd calories. Not a big deal really since I have yet to go to Zumba. So I figured with Zumba I can burn about 300 calories and if I still don't feel like I did that good I will hit the treadmill till my husband wants to go home.

I did notice today that my pants are starting to fit a little looser, not a huge difference but at least a start. Since being on this diet I have lost 1.5lbs. Better then any other diet I have tried. Now I got to figure out great healthy very low calorie snacks/meals for the rest of the 60 days. I am so getting sick up salad but at least I have have a huge amount with no high high calorie intake.

Day #3 300 Calories
-1.5 cups coffee 4 cals
-4 tbsp creamer 80 cals
TOTAL: 84 calories

-Lettuce 9 cals
-Radish 6 cals
-1.5 servings Bacon bits 45 cals
-Low fat Ranch 40 cals
-Butter 60 cals
-2 slices wheat bread 90 cals
TOTAL: 250 calories

GRAND TOTAL:  334 calories

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