Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day #2 ABC Diet - 500 Calories

Here we are at day number 2, so far so good. I am actually not very hungry which is so not like me! I love to eat and of course there comes the bad stuff that I shouldn't eat.

Today I am 139lbs (1 pound down from yesterday)

I had this for breakfast:
-1 slice bread 45 cals
-1.5 cups coffee 4 cals
-.5 butter 30 cals
-4 Tbsp creamer 80 cals
TOTAL: 159 calories

-3 sliced black forest ham 35 cals
-Bacon bits 30 cals
-Radishes 9 cals
-Mushrooms 5 cals
-Lettuce 8 cals
-Low fat ranch 40 cals
TOTAL: 127 calories

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